Top 10 Colors For Bridesmaid Dresses In 2022

The Hottest Shades for Your Bridal Party Look

Being a bridesmaid is a special honor, but sometimes picking colors for bridesmaids' dresses may seem to be complicated. If you are looking for the trendiest colors for bridesmaid dresses in 2022, we got you covered with a list of super-stylish list of shades to fit any season and style.

A company that makes it easy to pick a color for the dresses is Cicinia. They have an excellent selection to choose from and the bridesmaids can find just the right one for them that will flatter their body and figure. For Bridesmaid Dresses
Cicinia has more than 200 styles of dresses for bridesmaids. They can pick from over 60 colors and various types of fabrics. Standard sizes range from 0 - 30 and they also offer a free custom fit. This company offers the largest selection of dresses for bridesmaids. 
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long pink bridesmaid dresses - Photography: Brooke Images
Photo: Brooke Images
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Top 10 Colors For Bridesmaid Dresses In 2022

If your wedding is being held in the year 2022, you will want to know what the most popular colors for bridesmaid dresses are. Since it is your choice for the colors for your wedding, be sure that you take the time to think about it. Here are the top 10 colors for bridesmaid dresses in 2022:


Blushing pink is a very special color. It signifies the fresh attitude of the union of the bride and the groom. The bridesmaids will look very pleasing in a blushing pink bridesmaid dress that flatters their body and figure. 

White wedding cake with natural blush flowers - Holly Sigafoos Photo
Photo: Holly Sigafoos Photo
Blushing Pink-bridesmaid dresses by Cicinia
Ruby Bridesmaid Dress
Colors for bridesmaid dresses in 2022 - Blush
Luna Bridesmaid Dress
simple pink wedding bouquet - Photography: Brooke Images
Photography: Brooke Images


Retaining the elegance of a wedding, the burgundy bridesmaid dresses are elegant. The women will look extremely beautiful when they wear a dress that is made in this color. There are a variety of styles that you can choose from that will make the bridesmaids look fantastic. 

Burgundy Wedding Ceremony Decor - Photography: Tasha Seccombe
Photography: Tasha Seccombe
Burgundy bridesmaid dresses by Cicinia
Hope Bridesmaid Dress
Burgundy bridesmaid dresses by Cicinia
Hannah Bridesmaid Dress
Romantic blush and burgundy wedding bouquet - Madiow Photography
Madiow Photography


Coral bridesmaid dresses are very popular in the year 2022. This color looks lovely on the ladies and they will be ready for the many pictures that will take place during your special day.

Coral Wedding Centerpiece - Brklyn View Photography
Photo: Brklyn View Photography
Ada Coral bridesmaid dress by Ciccinia
Ada Bridesmaid Dress
Gemma Coral bridesmaid dress
Gemma Bridesmaid Dress
Wedding Bouquet - Travis J Photography
Photo: Travis J Photography


Dusty sage bridesmaid dresses are another color choice that makes sense. Your wedding will be so pretty when your bridesmaids are dressed in this color. 

Elegant wedding reception head table decor with greenery and black candles sticks- O’Malley Photography
O’Malley Photography
Colors for bridesmaid dresses in 2022 - Sage Green
Aubrey Bridesmaid Dress
Natalie Dusty Sage Bridesmaid Dress by Cicinia
Natalie Bridesmaid Dress
Contemporary white and green wedding cake - Photography: Kate Osborne
Photography: Kate Osborne


Fuchsia bridesmaid dresses are another popular color choice in the year 2022. Since you make the decision on the color, you will want to consider this one for your wedding. 

Tall pink and gold wedding centerpiece - Leeann Marie Photography
Leeann Marie Photography
Colors for bridesmaid dresses in 2022 - Fuchsia
Gracie Bridesmaid Dress
Colors for bridesmaid dresses in 2022 - Fuchsia
Millie Bridesmaid Dress
White wedding cake with hand painted roses - Leeann Marie Photography
Leeann Marie Photography


If you want an elaborate wedding, consider gold bridesmaid dresses. This color choice will allow the ladies to fit the part that they play in your fantastic wedding.

White and gold wedding cake - Photography: Brooke Images
Photography: Brooke Images
Aria Gold Bridesmaid Dress by Ciccinia
Aria Bridesmaid Dress
Felicity Gold Bridesmaid Dress by Ciccinia
Felicity Bridesmaid Dress
Gold wedding welcome sign - Photography: Brooke Images
Photography: Brooke Images


For a very romantic feel, peach bridesmaid dresses make the scene. You will love the various styles that you can pick from for the peach bridesmaid dresses. The bridesmaids will surely look pretty in dresses of this color.

Wedding table centerpiece - De La Planning
De LA Planning
Colors for bridesmaid dresses in 202 - Spaghetti Straps
Delilah Bridesmaid Dress
Colors for bridesmaid dresses in 2022 - Peach
Layla Bridesmaid Dress
Boho wedding bouquet - Allure Bridals- Sparrow and Gold Photography
Sparrow and Gold Photography


Rust Bridesmaid dresses will make for a very gorgeous fall wedding. You will see how nice your bridesmaids will look in dresses in this particular color.

Terracotta Wedding Table Decorx - fall wedding colors - Mae&Co Creative
Design & Styling: Mae&Co Creative
Colors for bridesmaid dresses in 2022 - Terracota
Eliza Bridesmaid Dress
Colors for bridesmaid dresses in 2022 - Terracota
Mackenzie Bridesmaid Dress
Bronze Copper Wedding bouquet - fall wedding colors - Photography: Tida Svy
Photography: Tida Svy | Flowers: Cultivated by Faith


For a more fun type of feel to a wedding, you will want to choose tangerine bridesmaid dresses. Make sure that the style matches your idea for your wedding theme. Playful and a good time is what your wedding will be like with this color. 

Orange wedding roses - Andie Freeman Photography
Andie Freeman Photography
Elizabeth Tangerine bridesmaid dress by Ciccinia
Elizabeth Bridesmaid Dress
Colors for bridesmaid dresses in 2022 - Orange
Lucy Bridesmaid Dress
Orange Accented Wedding Bouquet - Krystal Healy Photography
Krystal Healy Photography


Another romantic color for bridesmaid dresses is watermelon. Your bridesmaids will look romantic and lovely in dresses of this color. Your wedding will be a special time for everyone that is in attendance. 

Peony wedding centerpiece - Whitney Heard Photography
Whitney Heard Photography
Mila Watermelon Bridesmaid Dress
Mila Bridesmaid Dress
Colors for bridesmaid dresses in 2022 - Coral with Halterneck
Emma Bridesmaid Dress
Peony wedding centerpiece - Gideon Photography
Gideon Photography

When you are picking the color of your bridesmaid dresses, be sure that you consider all the various aspects of your wedding. You want to make sure that it all fits together to make a gorgeous event. Be sure to check with Cicinia for the best styles and colors for bridesmaid dresses so that you are sure to get the very best for your fantastic day.

Plan early for your wedding. Stay calm and don't panic as the day approaches. You will look beautiful and so will your bridesmaids so that you can celebrate your union to your honey without hesitation. Make it a day that you all will remember forever.

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