Wedding Macarons Guide: Flavors, Usages and Presentations

Bring a little bit of Paris to your wedding with these irresistible desserts. Traditionally French inspired, macarons are a popular dessert that your guests will enjoy at the wedding, or as a take home gift. These beautifully colored sweets melt in your mouth bringing a smile to anyone who tries them, making them the perfect treat for your special day. 
The macarons' flavors, usages and presentation options are endless and so are the ways that you can custom tailor them to meet your wedding needs. Here are a few suggestions:

SWEET. Macarons come in an infinity variety of flavors, from the traditional chocolate and exotic fruits to coffee and tea. You can basically request this dessert in any flavor and flavor combination you can think of. I love the idea of featuring two variety of macarons, each on the bride's and groom's favorite flavors. { Left: Almond, coconut and Currant Macaroons by Whisk Kid, recipe here. Right: Snickers Macarons by 6 Bitterssweet, recipe here. }
COCKTAILS. I tought I've seen all the alternative ways to serve traditional cocktails at weddings; jell-o shots, cocktail cupcakes and cocktail popsicles, but cocktail macarons… this is something totally new to me. I'm loving this Raspberry Vodka Jelly Dark Chocolate Ganache Macaron by Macaron Fetish. The recipe is right here!
SALTY. If you aren't a dessert person, but you still would like to incorporate these pretty confections into your wedding, have no fear. Thanks to some very creative and talented pastry chefs nowadays you can find macarons in non-sweet flavors such as popcorn (by Eat Show And Tell – recipe) and salmon (by From Buenos Aires To Paris – recipe).
Besides being a fabulous wedding dessert, macarons can serve a double purpose at your event. Here are a few ideas:
ESCORT CARDS (image source) See other unique place-card displays by clicking here.

WEDDING CAKE DECOR (Left – cake by Sharon Wee Creations via Cake Central. Right – cake by Cake Opera via Cakes and Sweets)

FAVORS (by SparklesMacaron)


PLACE SETTING DECOR (image source) See other unique place-settings by clicking here.

DESSERT INGREDIENT. Like in this Strawberry and Macaron Trifle by Trissalicious (recipe) or this Mont Blanc with Macaron dessert.

In weddings presentation is everything. There is never a detail too small. Take advantage of the macaron transformational abilities and personalize it to complement your wedding color scheme, theme and decor.
COLORS.  Macarons can be made in any color or color combination to match your color palette. Your baker can even add some metallic accents to bring some sparkle, make them in different shades of the same color to match your ombre color theme or confection a multicolor variety if you are going for the rainbow effect. {First image source | multicolor macarons by Macaron Fetishrecipe | blue and gold macarons by My Sweet and Saucy via Pinterest | Ombre Macarons by Pei Li's Miniatures via Bridal Survival}

THEMES. Wether you are going for lavender (by Macaron Fetishrecipe) touches, vintage love birds (by Bubble and Sweet) theme or to movie inspirations like Breakfast at Tiffany's (by Sprinkle Bakersrecipe) or Marie Antoinette (image source), macarons could be an unexpected, yet fabulous element that brings your wedding inspiration together. See for yourself…

MONOGRAMS. You guys will have your monogram on your wedding invitations, your menus and even reflected on your reception dancing floor, so take a step further and and bring the monogram to your desserts with this monogramed macarons by Hideminy.

TOWERS.  This lovely idea isn't so much about the macarons themselves, but about the way you can feature them at your wedding. Macaron towers are commonly used as dessert table elements, but more and more adventurous brides are choosing a macaron tower over the traditional wedding cake. (Left – tower by Cake Opera via The Cake Blog. Right – cake by Jay's Catering via Heavenly Bloom)

MACARON-POPSI am *slightly* obsessed with any desert on a stick, specially cake-pops. But, put macarons on a stick with a cute little bow, and…I can hardly handle the cuteness. These particular pops are raspberry mascarpone macarons by Tartlette. Recipe right here!

OTHER CREATIVE ALTERNATIVES TO SERVE MACARONS. First up, we have a mini tower made out of macarons of different sizes by Christophe Rousel. The second image is a macaroon centerpiece by Kitchen Musigns used in a dessert table…lovely!  And last, but not least these beautiful cranberry macarons by Eddy Van Damme. They remind me of an engagement ring, so besides the wedding, I would love to see them at an engagement party or bridal shower.

If you want your wedding desserts to be anything but standard, check out these suggestions:

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