{Wedding Trends} : Cake Pops

Desserts have always been an important element at weddings. However, in recent years the traditional wedding cake has been replaced with smaller, mini desserts – and the cupcake has certainly found itself at a number of nuptials. But a new trend is emerging in the wedding world, the adorable cake pop. As their cousins the cupcakes, cake-pops will provide a sweet treat for your guest while adding dimension and color to your wedding decor. The best thing about these little sweet confections is that they leave so much room for creativity. Right now, I’m digging these super-unique cake pop ideas. Are cake-pops taking the place of cupcakes? What do you think? (image source)
1. Bride and Groom Cake-Pops. (image source)
2. Cake-pops with floral design. (images source)
3. As a complement for your wedding cake. (images source)
4. On a cake-pop tower. (images source)

5. An unexpected POP that matches your color palette. (images source)
6 . Cake Pops as Escort Cards. (images source)
7. A touch of glam. Metallics or sparkles.
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