Gourmet Jell-O Shots for Weddings

I know what you’re thinking….”Wow, Belle has stooped to an all-time low on this one! Jello-O shots for a wedding…PUH-LEASE!”  Well, what if I told you that jelly shots have gone fancy and are leaving their mark at weddings.  These classed-up versions can bring an unexpected design element to even the most fabulous of fêtes. Gourmet Jell-O Shots are classic cocktails translated into beautiful gelatin form with a flavor true to the drink inspiration. With Jello shots presentation is everything! Replace the traditional little plastic cups with fancy molds, add some fresh fruit and presto-jello shots will dazzle! 
If you're looking for a creative, unique and sophisticated way to serve alcohol at your wedding reception or cocktail hour, then I'd like to introduce you to the wonderful world of Gourmet Jell-O Shots.

Click in the link at the end of each post to get the recipe plus step by step directions.

1. The Bramble, a lemon sour base, gin, and a float of blackberry liqueur (Rock UR Party)
2. Dragon Flowers, pretty and colorful (My Jell-O Americans)
3. Mimosa, perfect for brunch weddings (Jelly Shoot Test Kitchen)
4. Palomamy mom's favorite cocktail made out of tequila and grapefruit soda. Love the blush color. (Jelly Shoot Test Kitchen)

5. White Wine Sangriaa simple thing that always feels lavish, even slightly decadent – just like a summer outdoor wedding. (Jelly Shoot Test Kitchen)

6. Blackberry Cosmopolitanwho doesn't like a Cosmo? (Jelly Shoot Test Kitchen)

7. French 75a twist on the classic champagne (Bakers Royale)

Not for everyone, but for a couple looking to have some fun, playful cocktails that are out of the norm, they're perfect!

If you want your wedding menu to be anything but standard, check out these suggestions:

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