Unique Engagement Rings by EraGem

Let’s talk engagement rings! Shopping for an engagement ring, while fun and exciting, can be a little overwhelming for your future husband.  After all, your engagement ring is the most important pieces of jewelry you will own and wear everyday for the rest of your life. I still remember that for the first month of being engaged I couldn’t stop staring at my ring.  
So, if you want to help your sweetie to pick a ring that reflects who you are and your personal style EraGem Estate Jewelry is the perfect solution. They offer a great variety of truly unique antique engagement rings with spectacular Art Deco designs that are ready for another lifetime of enjoyment. 

But, my favorites are their sapphire engagement rings. This precious stone provides a lifetime of color and beauty. The blue hue is famous among royalty (Kate Middleton and Princess Diana) and celebrities (Penelope Cruz) alike. And it not only represents faithfulness, but it's known to bring health and happiness to whoever wears it.

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