A Spring Elegance Wedding With Luxe Details

Happy Monday! Come on with us on this ride to Portland Oregon and soak up this Spring Elegance Wedding, one beautiful bloom and luxe detail at a time. Bridal Bliss planned the sophisticated affair to perfection, from the but timeless centerpieces to the romantic cake (with the bride's parents' wedding cake topper). But behind every classic element was a plethora of family heirlooms incorporated with a modern approach, and better yet, an evening filled with fun and laughter. According to the bride, her glamorous reception turned into a huge party!

Mosca Studio captured it from start to finish and our GALLERY is jam-packed with all the goodies, rounding out our day in the most delightful of ways.

Spring Wedding - Photography: Mosca StudioBlue Bridesmaid Dresses - Photography: Mosca StudioSpring Elegance Wedding - Photography: Mosca Studio


What is your proposal story?

Dincer and I were visiting my family in Maui in June 2016.  It was the summer solstice and he wanted to see the sunrise on top of Haleakala.  He woke me up at 4am and we made the pitch black drive up the switch backs to the top of the volcano. The whole way up Dincer was having an anxiety attack and I thought it was a result of the driving conditions.  At the visitor center, he had to stop and catch his breath fearing he would pass out.  I was trying to do breathing exercises with him to calm him down.  We walked up a little ways to find a rock to watch the sunrise from.  When we got cozy we asked a women to take our photo.  Dincer whispered in my ear ‘will you marry me?' and I, of course, though he was playing a stupid joke.  He had worked the ring out of his pocket as I gave him a very confused look.  We spent the rest of our engagement day on the beach together. 

Spring Bridal Party Ideas - Photography: Mosca StudioGroomsmen in blue tuxedos - Photography: Mosca StudioBlue Wedding Party outfits - Photography: Mosca StudioWinter Wedding - Photography: Mosca Studio


Tell us about your attire choices.

My mom asked me why ‘this was my dress' and my response was that my father would have been most proud to see me wear this style dress.  Classic, elegant, and romantic.

My husband wanted something classic and edgy.  We went to a local shop before they closed and as soon as he saw the blue tuxedo with the black lapel he was sold.

One of my maids of honors went bridesmaid dress shopping with me and we found a beautiful Ralph Lauren dress on the rack at Nordstrom and I immediately fell in love. One that would be flattering on every any shape and the two tones ended up matching perfectly with the tuxedos which we didn't actually see together until the day of the wedding.

Bride and flower girl photo - Photography: Mosca StudioBrida and brother walking down the aisle - Photography: Mosca StudioElagant Ballroom Wedding Ceremony - Photography: Mosca Studio Elagant Ballroom Wedding Ceremony - Photography: Mosca Studio Happily married photo - Photography: Mosca StudioClassic Wedding - Mosca Studio


Tell us about your wedding flowers.

Our flowers were so incredible. We wanted to incorporate the subtle colors of early spring without overpowering the table decor so we went with light pink and red roses mixed in with white hydrangeas. Our families love gardening and hydrangeas are their mutual favorite so we had to include those in our bouquets. Blum floral did an amazing job executing the ideas that Dincer and I had come up with. Dincer's family actually took some of the hydrangeas and made starts for us to plant in our garden this upcoming spring!


Tell us about your wedding cake.

I wanted it to be simple, elegant and full of meaning. We had our wedding cake placed in a circular mirror that was my grandmothers and used my parents' cake topper from their wedding day.  The cake itself was three tiers, red velvet, carrot cake with a toffee crunch filling and dark chocolate with a sea salt caramel filling.


Please describe any DIY, handmade, or personal details.

Dincer is a geologist and one of the fun DIY projects I took on was painting geodes with table numbers.  One of our family members is a very talented artist and she designed all of our custom mirrors with quotes, directions, and the wedding party.

After seeing how expensive confetti was for such a small amount I decided we would make our own.  Dincer spent a week complaining about how silly it was we were punching out tinny bits of paper.  It turned out to be one of his favorite moments walking down the aisle as man and wife. 

Bride and groom chairs - Photography: Mosca StudioElagant Ballroom Wedding Decor - Photography: Mosca StudioTall wedding centerpiece - Photography: Mosca StudioBallroom Wedding Decor - Photography: Mosca StudioClassic White Wedding Cake - Photography: Mosca StudioElagant Ballroom Wedding Decor - Photography: Mosca Studio


What were your favorite parts of the day? (memories and stories)

Besides the actual ceremony, the fact that the reception was just a huge party was our favorite aspect of the day. During the initial planning meeting we told Liz (our planner) that we really wanted this to be a huge party and that's exactly what it turned into. We literally had a woman break a leg on the dance floor! The stories we have heard since the wedding day have spoken volumes as to how fun the evening turned out to be.

Elegant Wedding tablescape - Photography: Mosca StudioSpring Elegance Ballroom wedding reception - Photography: Mosca StudioElegant Wedding tablescape - Photography: Mosca StudioGold Wedding Centerpiece - Photography: Mosca StudioClassic White Wedding Cake - Photography: Mosca StudioSpring Elegance Wedding - Photography: Mosca Studio Winter Wedding - Photography: Mosca Studio Silver Wedding Shoes - Photography: Mosca studio Gold Wedding Table - Photography: Mosca Studio Bridesmaids robes - Mosca Studio 


Photography: Mosca Studio | Venue: Benson Hotel | Event Planning: Bridal Bliss Event Planning | Floral: Blum Floral in Design | Videography: J&M Media | Wedding Cake: Dream Cakes | Rentals: The Party Place | Hair: Face Body Beauty | Makeup: Face Body Beauty | Rentals: NW Event Rentals | Audio Visual: Greenlight Creative | Wedding Dress: The White Dress | Bride's Shoes: Keds for Kate Spade | Bridesmaid Dresses: Ralph Lauren | Headpiece: The White Dress | Submitted via: Matchology