A Timeless All-White Winter Wedding filled with Elegance and a Touch of Vintage Charm

Cold weather brides take note because this timeless winter wedding has all the effortless elegance you could ever want. The lace bridesmaid dresses, the peony bouquet, and the all-white little details woven throughout are vintage-style perfection. But, our favorite element is the bride's classical stylish winter look. And the gorgeous photos? All thanks to, Melissa Avey Photography. Excuse us while we go live in THIS GALLERY forever and ever.

White bridesmaid dresses - Melissa Avey PhotographyPretty bridal picture - Melissa Avey Photography Bridal makeup ideas - Melissa Avey PhotographyAll-white bridesmaid dresses - Melissa Avey PhotographyWedding floral decor - Melissa Avey Photography Cute wedding photo - Melissa Avey PhotographyBeautiful bridal picture - Melissa Avey PhotographyBridal ring - Melissa Avey PhotographyBridal makeup - Melissa Avey PhotographyCute wedding picture - Melissa Avey PhotographyGorgeous bridal picture - Melissa Avey Photography Indoor wedding picture ideas - Melissa Avey PhotographyWedding ceremony picture - Melissa Avey PhotographyWhite bridesmaid dresses - Melissa Avey Photography Sweet wedding photo - Melissa Avey PhotographyIndoor Wedding Ceremony - Melissa Avey PhotographyFirst wedding kiss - Melissa Avey Photography Bride and groom kiss - Melissa Avey PhotographyWedding Ceremony- Melissa Avey PhotographyLace bridesmaid dresses - Melissa Avey PhotographyBride and groom picture ideas - Melissa Avey PhotographyWhite Wedding Bouquet - Melissa Avey PhotographyWhite Bridesmaid dresses - Melissa Avey PhotographyWedding kiss - Melissa Avey PhotographyBride and groom photo ideas - Melissa Avey PhotographyBridal party picture - Melissa Avey PhotographyWinter wedding picture ideas - Melissa Avey Photography Wedding cupcakes - Melissa Avey PhotographyWhite wedding cake - Melissa Avey PhotographyGorgeous wedding picture - Melissa Avey Photography Wedding chocolate cupcakes - Melissa Avey PhotographyWedding dessert table - Melissa Avey PhotographyBaby's Breath Wedding Centerpiece - Melissa Avey Photography Wedding table number - Melissa Avey PhotographyWedding toast - Melissa Avey PhotographyRomantic wedding photo - Melissa Avey PhotographyFun groomsmen pictures - Melissa Avey Photography Outdoor bridal picture ideas - Melissa Avey Photography Wedding signs - Melissa Avey PhotographyBridal hairstyles - Melissa Avey Photography  Father and bride picture - Melissa Avey PhotographyRomantic wedding picture - Melissa Avey Photography Groom boutonniere - Melissa Avey Photography 

From the Photographer… “If there is one thing I absolutely adore, it is a winter wedding. There is something so beautiful and magical about it. Of course, here in Ontario we never know what the weather will be like in the month of March. It could have been dry and sunny with some blooms coming out or we could have been landing head first into the worst snow storm of the year. Thankfully, the weather was lovely. It was definitely too cold for everyone to spend the day outside but the stunning Cambridge Mill in Galt was the perfect place to hide away from the cold and celebrate an incredibly beautiful, heartfelt and fun wedding.”



Photographer:  Melissa Avey Photography // Reception Venue: Pearle Weddings & Events // Submitted via Two Bright Lights