You Just Got Engaged! Now What? – Vol. 3

Happy Wedding Wednesday, loves! In the past few weeks we have been bringing you some of the most use tips to plan your dream wedding on our series “You Just Got Engaged! Now What?“. Consider it a practical guide to jumpstart your wedding planning divided in three parts filled with helpful tips and practical advice. On Vol. 1 we talked about budgets and inspiration, Vol. 2 was all about location and details, and today in Vo. 3 we're talking bridesmaids, vendors and dress. This piece of advice is filled super useful tips to take your dream wedding from vision to reality and who will help you along this journey. Read on and take your big day to the next level!

Wedding Planning Tips
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Choose Your Wedding Party

Let the tables turn and prepare to propose to your bridesmaids and remind your fiancé to choose his groomsmen. Honestly, the sooner you ask, the sooner they can help! But keep in mind, your wedding party is spending their valuable time and money to help you with your perfect wedding. Be considerate and kind by keeping them informed about your plans. It doesn’t hurt to throw in a gift upon proposal. A Starbucks gift card, a bottle of wine or even a nicely written card showing your gratitude goes a long way. [SHOP BRIDESMAID DRESSES]

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Black bridesmaid dresses - Kane and Social
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Consider Hiring Help

When brides ask me for advice about their wedding, my number one recommendation is to hire some help. The type of wedding consultant depends on your lifestyle and how much help you want. If you’re an on the go couple or are getting married abroad, then you should hire a full-time wedding planner to help you prepare your entire event from the save-the-dates to the honeymoon. If you want to plan it all but need some guidance, you may hire a consultant to assist you with key points including budget, schedule, and lists of good vendor and site choices—before you go solo into the planning process. And definitely hire a day-of coordinator, who will make sure everything goes smoothly on your wedding day. Keep in mind that a wedding planners and coordinator will cost extra money, so make sure the option fits into your budget before you give it serious consideration. And also consider that consultants, planners and coordinators can get you the better bargains from your vendors. So spending a little extra here may save you a lot of extra there!

Wedding shoes - Watson Studios
{Watson Studios via Boho Luxe Wedding}


Hire Priority Vendors

Whether it’s the trendiest music or amazing flowers, figure out what your highest wedding priorities are and snap up the vendors whose work you love as soon as possible. Many hot wedding photographers and other in-demand vendors are hired more than a year in advance, and once they’re booked, they’re pretty much gone. Maybe you want to hire the best florist and can go easy on the music. Or maybe you want an extraordinary cake and can tighten your budget on the invites. Or quite possibly everything is your priority! Whatever it may be, be sure to research early to get what you desire! [FIND A WEDDING VENDOR]

Floral Design: Kathy Wright and Co.
{Floral Design: Kathy Wright and Co. via 12 Stunning Wedding Centerpieces – 30th Edition}
{Cake Designer: I Sugar Coat It via Best Wedding Cakes Of 2014}


Shop Dresses!

The time has come, ladies. Whether you’ve been holding off on this very day or you have been anxiously awaiting your entire life, it is now time to shop for that dress! Begin your search by browsing dress photos online and saving your favorites (Pinterest, hello!)– you’ll want to take them with you to your appointments. It may take a lot of shopping around, and most likely, you will not find your perfect dress on the first day. But keep your heads up and your minds open! We’re all different and that gorgeous dress you saw online may not actually be as flattering on you. Take the right people with you as well! You want this to be a fun and memorable experience. Only you know who they are. Maybe your best friend. Maybe your mom. Maybe not your mom! Ultimately, be sure you are making your own decision and that everyone is simply helping you choose and not making the choice for you.

Sophia Tolli 2015
{Sophia Tolli 2015}

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