Head Over Shoes for Bridalshoes.com

One inch, two inch, three inch, galore! If it’s one thing we love, it is shoes, but what we love even more are bridal shoes! When it comes to the BIG day, women all over the world are in search for the perfect pair to say “I do!” to, but there is no better place to shop for amazing shoes than Bridalshoes.com! Bridalshoes.com is a leading online boutique shop for ivory designer wedding shoes, yes ladies, ivory is the new white! But, the best aspect of Bridalshoes.com is the selection of ivory designer wedding shoes to choose from, from gorgeous flats, summery sandals, to dazzling high heels, our friends at Bridalshoes.com have it all!
For the picturesque, tropical beach wedding, the beautiful bride can choose from a variety of rhinestone studded Heaven by Pink sandals, stunning and elegant Brooke by Grace Wedges, to low heel Melissa-6006 by Colorifics sling backs. For the modern bride with a vibrant taste in heels there is a great selection of heels to choose from, from 5 ¼ inch, Chinese Laundry platform heels, which we absolutely adore, to 4 inch Fantasy-491 heels by Touch Ups! And, for the bride who likes to dance the night away there is always a vast selection of ballet flats, one in particular that we fancy is Fawn by Dyeables, a sophisticated, yet chic flat with complimentary ribbon that ties up the ankle for a more bold statement.
But, the selection does not end there! There’s plenty more to choose from. Turning a traditional ivory shoe into a statement bridal piece is very simple with Bridalshoes.com, with a pair like Bryyce- JS by Nina; you will definitely be turning heads with the studded flower embellishment. This pair is not only fabulous with a 4 ¾ inch heel, but also comfy with the platform purposely applied under the ball of the foot for better support. With this many selection of ivory designer wedding shoes there is no need to keep up the search for the perfect pair ladies! Say “I do!” to Bridalshoes.com!

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