{Bridesmaids Style} : Sequins and Lace

Since I published my Bridesmaids in Skirts Styling Guide, you guys have been particularly in love with this look (image bellow).  This dazzling and gorgeous combination of sequins + lace – it's no wonder we (you and I) crush hard over this bridesmaids outfit. So, today I have a little round-up of real bridal parties rocking this two  hot trends in the wedding worldsequins and lace! So, sit back, relax and get ready to indulge in a whole lot of fabulous bridesmaid style ideas. [images by Jarvie Digital Photography]


From top to bottom in long… Can it get any more elegant? If you are aiming for an elegant black-tie kind of look, then these long silver bridesmaid dresses are a great option. (image above source)

From top to bottom in Short… For a fun, playful feel dress your ladies in short sassy dresses like these. I love how this bride gave her bridesmaids look a POC with the lilac sash while tieding the outfits with her color palette. (image source)

Bright Colors…. If you get as lucky as this bride and find sequin dresses in purple or any other tone that match your color palette, then go for it. It looks aaaaawwwwsome!

Texture…. patterned sequin dresses are just perfect for traditional brides, don't you think?

Mismatched… Since sequins from top to bottom may be overwhelming for some girls, this bride let her favorite ladies wear as much sequins as it was comfortable for them…. love it!

A touch of Glitter… If you are going for a matching bridesmaid look but you are not into dresses cover in sequins, then consider any of these options (1, 2, 3) to give your girls' look a subtle touch of glitter

On the skirt… For those brides that are following the bridesmaids in skirts trend, sequins gives them an opportunity to make the outfits more fun and girly. (images source)


From top to bottom….

Lace backs… If you follow this blog, you probably already know that I'm beyond-obsessed with lace backs in wedding gowns, but the idea of bringing this trend to the bridesmaid world is just bananas (in a good way). They look specially lovely in black, right? (picture #1, picture #2)

A touch of lace…

Lace Skirts… Lace skirts give those brides that are following the bridesmaids in skirts trend the opportunity to make the outfits more feminine. In this bridal party you can see the bridesmaids wearing lace dresses and the maid-of-honor wearing a lace skirt and plain white top. Great idea! (images source)

In my humble opinion, the best way to wear lace and sequins is together. Opt for a mismatched option like any of the following bridal parties (12, 3) or go for a semi-matched look like the very first picture on this post.

I hope you have a great weekend! I'll be back on Monday with more fabulous wedding ideas and inspirations. xoxo

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