{Wedding Trends} : Bridesmaids in Skirts – how to styled, accessorized and mix-match

Bridesmaids in skirts! I love it! Skirts + tops on your favorite ladies is a fun, fresh spin on the traditional look, and takes mismatched bridesmaids to a whole new level. I can only hope to see more weddings with bridesmaids in skirts. They seem like they would be a perfect feel for a rustic inspired, casual, backyard nuptials or garden wedding. Ahhh… and totally wear again! [Skirts by Anjou Clothing, photo by D'Avello Photography]
I’ve collected some cute bridal parties that will gives you lots inspiration on how to styled, accessorized, and mix and match your two-piece bridesmaid outfits– they are all super stylish! Lets begin…

Option No. 1: Different Length.
From pencil skirts (image via Love and Lavender) and floor-length (via Grey Likes Weddings) to mini-skirts (source) and tea-length (via Project Wedding), the options on skirt length are endless!

Option No. 2: Patterns and Texture. 
Bring a touch of fun to your bridesmaids outfits by incorporating a pattern (image #1, photos 2 and 3) or add some glamour by bringing texture like ruffles (pic #4 and photo #5). My recommendation is to do the pattern or ruffles it in only one piece, either the skirt or the top, to keep the look balanced. Here are some examples..

Option No. 3: Same style, different colors.
Some brides would like to follow the mismatched bridesmaids trend, but they still would like to choose their bridesmaids’ outfit. Option number 3 is for them. Choosing the exact same skirts in the different tones of your wedding color palette looks amazing and gives your bridal party a refreshing pop of color. (image via SMP)

Option No. 4: Same color, different styles.
Give your bridesmaids the exact colors or even the fabric you would like them to wear and let them came up with their own outfits. Or you can personally choose a few variations of the same skirt [like image no. 2] or the same top [like image no. 1].

Option No. 5: Adding accessories.
Bring a little pizzazz to your bridesmaids skirt + top attire by adding accessories. They are specially useful when you would like include a third color to your gils two-piece outfit to showcase all the colors in your color palette.  But, whether it’s a statement necklace (image 4 via Green Wedding Shoes), a cardigan (image 1), a belt (photo 2) or a colorful sash (pic 3 via The Bride's Cafe), accessories can take your girls outfit from pretty to pretty amazing in one second. See for yourself!

Option No. 6: Tulle Skirts.
This is a totaly fan and super whimsy approach on the bridesmaids skirt trend. And I'm loving it! I recommend you to stop by Emmaline Bride. They recently developed a very comprehensive post about bridesmaids in tulle skirts that is totally wort-to-read if you are into this clever style (click her). [Skirts by TutusChicBoutique on etsy]

Option No. 6: Mix-and-match.
Ok, this is my favorite approach on the trend and the ultimate option to mismatched your bridesmaids. This clever bride pick two matched skirt-top sets and ask her bridesmaids to mix them up. And, what can I say about the lace and sequins?… I'm obsessed! [images by Jarvie Digital Photography]

Option No. 7: Shorts.
Now, if you are planning a laid-back, casual affair, why not have your lovely bridesmaids wear pretty shorts instead of skirts? Shorts are so comfy and look adorable… don't you think?  [Photo by Birds Of A Feather Photo via Kate Love Photography]

How amazing do all these bridal parties look? And those tutus are too fun!

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