Wedding Ceremony Decor – Altars, Canopies, Arbors, Arches and Chuppahs – Part 2

Most brides put a lot of thought into the reception décor… I was one of those! We restlessly look for the perfect centerpieces, cake and what not; while the ceremony looses a bit of our attention. But, when I look at my wedding pictures it’s not the reception that makes my heart skip a bit, it’s the ceremony. Although my reception was a gorgeous event, the photos of the moment when my hubby and I exchanged vows are the ones that remind me, every time I look at them, how much we love each other.
So don't forget that, at the end of the day, the ceremony is the most meaningful and important part of your wedding day. Here is another collection of stunning altars, canopies, arbors, arches and chuppahs that I put together to let your inspiration juices flow, so hopefully you'll show your ceremony a little love!

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