{Wedding Trends} Bow Big Or Bow Home

Bows are taking over the wedding world. From dresses to decor everywhere there is bows. The following bow wedding ideas are filled to the brim with feminine and vintage inspiration and details that you can pull from and carry out on your own wedding day. (image source)
Bow-ties. Bow-ties are so popular, nowadays. Fashion forward grooms, as well as traditional grooms are following this trend, along with their groomsmen, ring bearers, and even their pets. But, what is super hot right-now is making the wedding guest trading their necktie for a bow-tie on a beau bar. (image source: bowtie bar, groom, ring bearer, dog)

Accessories. Bridal accessories such as headpieces, shoes, gloves and boleros are showcasing bows and more bows. (image sources: white bow, blue bow, shoes, bollero, cape, gloves)
Wedding Cakes. Fondant or buttercream with ruffles, cakes and mini-cakes with bows are adorable. (sources: 1, 2, 3, 4)
Bow Napkins. I love this super budget friendly, yet sophisticated way to spice up your table decor.
Wedding Chairs. Bring your wedding chairs to the next level by applying a bow on the back. Lovely!
Signature Drink. Decorate your signature drinks with bows to maintain a comprehensive look.

Bridal Look. Up-do and nails other creative ways to incorporate bows into your wedding day.

Bridesmaids. Bridesmaid dresses with bows are so hot.

Wedding Dresses. If you are aiming for a feminine look for your wedding day, a bow, or two, on your wedding dress is a must. At the end of the day, there is no occasion too small for a giant bow? (dress by rosa clara)
Bows for both of you. On your engagement session or on your wedding-day, the best part of bows is that you and your groom can wear them together. Have fun with them!
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