Pronovias LookBook 2012

How do you choose a favorite look when each image is more beautiful than the one before? That seems to be the case with Pronovias LookBook 2012.
If you’re into chic, modern affairs or some elegant, completely refined soiree’s, you’ll love this eye-candy. 
Bring into the mix Hydrangeas (my favorite flowers…sorry Madona!), and it's just perfection.
This gorgeous lookbook not only showcases bridal and bridesmaid dresses, but also some stunning  pieces from the Cocktail 2012 Collection for the guests. The good-looking male models, the beautiful sceneries and the cool vintage car make these images even easier on the eye.

I adore the little flower girls, but what really gets me about this photo is this jaw-dropping Manuel Mota for Pronovias dress that I have showcased as my Dress of The Week.
And last, but certainly not least, this my favorite photo. The wedding dress, the veil, the bridesmaids, the scenery… AMAZING!