Hanging Flowers

Happy New Year! Let’s begin this year with fabulous wedding inspirations. Last year on my predictions on wedding trends for 2012, I mentioned how I believed that hanging decorations would be very trendy during this year. Today I want to show you how hanging your main décor element, flowers, can take your wedding décor from Blah to Ohh La La. When it comes to flowers, hanging doesn’t have to happen in the entire ceiling– it would be a little (more like very) costly. Instead you can hang some flowers from chandeliers, branches or trees to decorate your ceremony. Or try suspended your centerpieces – they should end above eye level when sitting, to avoid hindering conversation – to create a unique and romantic look at your reception. Here are some of my favorite hanging flower ideas. (image source)
FLORAL CHANDELIERS. I'm crazy about the lavish look of chandeliers with flowers. They look amazing as a focal point on a tented reception or ceremony. Plus adding flowers to your venue's chandeliers are a great way to give a twist to the typical look of the ballroom. (sources: first, second, third, pic 4, pic 5, photo #6, picture 7, image 8)

SUSPENDED CENTERPIECES. The perfect to bring that multidimensional look to your reception decor without disturbing the conversation on each table. (sources: pic 1, photo#2, picture 3, image 4, pic #5, photo 6)

WREATHS OF FLOWERS. Floral wreaths have been part of church ceremony decor for quite long. But what I'm really loving is the new idea of hanging them sideways to create this floral chandelier effect. (sources: first, second, third)

DANGLING FLOWERS ONE BY ONE. Lovely simplicity at each best. (sources: left, right)
FLOWER CURTAINS. (sources: first, second, third)
IN BUBBLES OR SMALL BVASES. Glass bubbles and bases are a great way to add an extra sparkle to your dangling flowers. (sources: firstsecondthird)

FLOWERS BOXES(image source)
FLOWER BALLS. (image source)
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