Wedding Trends 2012 – Part 1

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Starting today, I’m looking back at some of my favorites from the past year – love this time of year! So fun to remember all the amazing wedding prettiness I’ve share this year, so I’m going to look back at many of them once more this week. Today it’s all about the Wedding Trends of 2011. I predict that all of them will be very hot in 2012, as well. So keep your eyes open!
SEQUINS. This little shiny wonders have been out of style for so long that they actually feel new and exciting. The cool thing about the sequin trend is that you get a little bit of glitter and a burst of color all in one. Click here to see all the ways that you can incorporate sequins into your wedding.
LACE WEDDING CAKESLace Cakes are having a moment and I couldn’t be more thrilled. These pretty confections are romantic, elegant and can give a beautiful touch of vintage charm to your wedding day. Enjoy Part 1 and Part 2 by clicking on the links.

MISMATCHED BRIDESMAIDS. For the last few years, mismatch bridesmaid dresses has been one of the hottest trends on weddings. Allowing your bridesmaids to choose their dresses according to their budget, taste and type of body is a fabulous idea that will continue to be very popular in 2012. Here are a bunch of ideas and some advice to accomplish this look: The Secrets of Successful Mismatched Bridesmaids.

BURLAP. Incorporating this material into your wedding is totally trouble-free– its all about using little touches here and there. Basically a little rustic goes a long way! Burlap is not only very easy to DIY, but it’s also extremely affordable which will help it to maintain it's popularity during 2012. Find more ideas in my article “Burlap a Touch of Rustic Charm“.
LACE WEDDING DRESSES. Thanks to the Royal Wedding, lace became the most popular feature for wedding dresses. And, I predict it will continue to be the brides' number one choice for years to come. Delicate-looking yet strong, and rich with history, lace is sort of like the bride herself. It covers while revealing, and can add a touch of centuries-gone-by grace to your wedding ensemble. Here are some lace dresses post I put together this year: Lace Back Wedding Dresses – Part 1 and  Part 2Get Kate's Look: Long-sleeve Lace Wedding Dresses, Top It Up Pretty Part 1 and Part 2, and Rosa Clara Tops
OVER THE RAINBOW. Some people think that couples have to pick one or two colors and base their whole wedding off of that, but a new and fun wedding trend is to incorporate every color and have a rainbow-inspired wedding. From the bridesmaid dresses to the flowers, from the decor to the groomsmen's ties, no longer are weddings bound by the traditional color combos. Check my post (Wedding Trends} Over The Rainbow for more fun ideas.
BABY'S BREATH. Baby’s Breath is an insanely affordable and DIY friendly floral element can make a big impact, particularly when used in large volumes.  It’s delicate and pretty, and most importantly, can be purchased for mere pennies a bunch! All these characteristics made this tiny flower wedding-famous during 2011, but its popularity will continue to evolve during 2012. Here are Gallery #1 and Gallery #2, both full of awesome ways to incorporate Baby's Breath into your own event.
NON-TRADITIONAL WEDDING FOODMany brides and grooms are stepping “outside the box.” They are personalizing their menus to express who they truly are. If you feel like rocking some of your favorite treats on the big day, 2012 will be the perfect year. Be sure to check out my Nontraditional Wedding Food ideas and some Fall Fovirite Wedding Desserts.
HANGING WEDDING DECOR. While a ceiling may not be the first thing in your wedding décor list, it presents a unique blank canvas for you to transform. Like the rest of your venue it can be customized to suit your wedding. Hanging decorations can add light or simply be that perfect addition to create the ambiance you are hoping for. In 2012 we will sure be talking about making a statement from floor to ceiling… Find some stunning ideas at Hanging FlowersPart 1 of Hanging Wedding Décor and Part 2, as well.
Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow! (Update: Here is Part 2)

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