Currently Obsessed with Milk Glass Wedding Details

Our obsession with Milk Glass is a slight understatement considering that it is our favorite trend of the summer season.  The beauty of Milk Glass is that it can be virtually transformed into any theme desired. It can easily go from a rustic barn feel to French vintage tea party to a sleek contemporary themed wedding. We have seen some amazing pairings with Milk Glass around the wedding-cyber world and let us just say, they are endless, the only limitation to the ways in which you can use this gorgeous trend is your imagination. So ladies & gents let us introduce you to our very own Milk Glass secret, Luna Bazaar!

ABOVE IMAGE CREDITS {Floral Design + via Studio Blush}  ~ BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photographer:  Heather Bliss Photography  // Floral Design + via: Calie Rose}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photographer: Justin and Mary Marantz  // Floral Design: Flair // via Style Me Pretty}

As you may or may not know, Milk Glass or Opal Glass was first produced in 16th Century Venice, but today it is one of the most beloved accessories for vintage and rustic weddings and until now, it was only available through endless searches through vintage shops or flea markets. But, our friends at Luna Bazaar made it possible to shop for your favorite styles in the comfort of your own home. With a new line of Vintage Milk Glass vases + candle holders you will find everything you need to make your special day spectacular.
For a true vintage look, we love the Vintage Milk Glass Vase (large fluted urn design) design which can give your centerpieces a fun and vibrant feel with lush-vibrant florals or a soft-feminine aura with a subtle pastel color palette. Another one of our favs is the Vintage Milk Glass Candle Holder (rain drop motif) which is perfect for a mix & match entry table or serves beautifully as a centerpiece focal point and with a price tag of only $5.50, it’s a steal! But, if you’re looking for a sleeker look, we recommend one of our loves, the Vintage Milk Glass Candle Holder (liquid motif) which gives a more contemporary feel and at $3.50 you will love it too!

So, what are you waiting for? Shop away darlings! For more inspiration, drop by Luna Bazaar  and Get the Look!