7 Fun Wedding Trivia and Facts

Wedding is as old as humankind; hence, everything about it is steeped in tradition. With so
much time to evolve and run through as many cultures, it’s no surprise that we have now plenty
of unique and interesting marriage trivia and traditions.

Fun photo of bride and groom celebrating with their bridal party - Photography: NST Pictures
Photography: NST Pictures
Fun Bridesmaid Photo Idea - via The Bridal Lounge
via The Bridal Lounge

Is your wedding around the corner and do you want to know some not-so-well-known facts
about your upcoming nuptials? Here, we’ve pulled together seven fun, interesting, and weird
wedding trivia that you should know before getting hitched with your soul mate.
Some of them will sound familiar, while there are many more that you’ve probably never heard
of. Check them out here.

Bride and groom photo - Linda Nari Photography
Linda Nari Photography
  1. The world’s expensive wedding dress costs $12.2 Million
    A fancy wedding gown is the crucial part of any marriage ceremony, but do you know
    how much does the world’s most expensive wedding cost? It was $12.2 Million. The dress
    was designed by two well-known designers, namely Martin Katz and Renee Stratus and
    the gown featured 150 carats worth of diamonds.
    If you are not fond of diamonds, you can embellish your wedding dress with natural
    . The odds of finding a natural pearl in oysters are around 1 in 10,000, which is the
    rarest of the rare. If you are lucky enough, then you might find pearls in a restaurant
    while ordering oysters, but the odds of the same are also very rare. The size of the
    recently found pearl at The Lobster House Restaurant in 2022 is 8.8mm.
  2. Tread Lightly
    Ever wondered why brides are carried across the threshold? Well, it’s an age-old
    tradition to protect her from evil spirits. Back in Roman times, new houses were
    suspected of having angry, evil spirits who inhabited the home before the new couple
    moved in. It is believed that carrying the bride would circumvent bad luck and save her
    from tripping through the doorway.
  3. Keeping it Sweet
    People from Ancient Greece believed that tucking a lump of sugar into the bride’s gown
    would bring good luck to her marital life. Some brides follow this age-old culture even
    today to summon positive vibes and good luck.
  4. Love Line
    It is believed that a vein in the fourth finger goes directly to the heart, which is why it is
    chosen as the ring finger. Although there’s no proven fact, the tradition is still followed all
    around the world.
  5. The cost of the most expensive wedding is $44 Million
    The most expensive and lavish wedding on record was $44 million. It was held on May
    22, 1981, and the couple tied the knot in Dubai.
  6. Breaking the cake over the bride’s head
    In ancient times, there was a ceremony of breaking the cake over the bride’s head to
    provoke fertility. Different food plays a major role in weddings, like Japanese serve
    herring roe while Mexicans serve roasted goats.
  7. Seventeen Tons of Gold are Consumed to make wedding rings in the US
    An average engagement ring costs around $3500, with the most expensive on record
    being $8.8 million. 17 tons of gold is consumed in the US alone to make these rings
    each year.