Ethereal Bridal Session in the Desert

Ladies, grab a cup of water! With this ethereal Bridal Session in the desert, you are definitely going to need it! A gorgeous bride basking in the sunlight shines a bright light on fabulous fashion and glamorous beauty! Wedding day ready, with natural amber waves glistening against the sand- we can’t stop swooning! And, as if we weren’t thirsty for more, jewelry on point and flawless makeup leaves us revisiting Rewind Photography’s amazing GALLERY. What about you?

Bridal powder pink tulle skirt - Rewind PhotographyBridal makeup - Rewind Photography Sophisticated bride - Rewind Photography

Beautiful desert bride - Rewind PhotographyBridal powder pink tulle skirt - Rewind Photography

Sophisticated bride - Rewind PhotographyRomantic desert bride - Rewind Photography Graceful bride - Rewind Photography

Bridal powder pink tulle skirt - Rewind PhotographyRomantic desert bride - Rewind PhotographyBridal makeup - Rewind Photography Bridal powder pink tulle skirt - Rewind Photography Beautiful desert bride - Rewind PhotographyBeautiful desert bride - Rewind Photography Sophisticated bride - Rewind Photography See more

From the photographer…“Sometimes, simplicity is what we need to fully appreciate the beauty of a stunning bride, and that’s what Claire Friesen’s dreamy style shoot portrays as she basks in the golden rays of the desert. Her strapless white bodice and powder pink tulle skirt creates a timeless A-line silhouette against the Californian mountain ranges, and caramel tresses of wavy hair flows around her bare shoulders. The fresh-faced makeup is also kept to a minimal, allowing her natural eye color to pop. The gold and white rhinestone statement necklace is a bold, yet romantic bridal piece, elegantly framing the décolletage area. The bride is suspended in a dreamlike dance as she lays in the amber-drenched desert, and the purity of the landscape spotlights the romantic caught in her own world. Everything is at peace; and that’s what every bride should embody within herself on her wedding day.”


Photographer: Rewind Photography // Apparel: House of Style SD // Location: Las Vegas Desert // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Written by Laurice Yanar, Creative Direction by Alejandra Baca-Rodriguez