Fabulous Venice, Italy Engagement Session

For this gorgeous abroad e-session we are packing light & traveling to Venice, Italy, with our love for weddings in one hand and our passport on the other we are ready to be swooned! So hold on tight and enjoy the oh-so fabulous ride. Sweethearts, Ester + Edward traveled to Italy for one month as a pre-wedding trip, during their stay in Venice, photographer Luca Faz captured all the love & bliss that shined even through the cold winter air. Through the lense of the talented Luca Faz, we are not only able to engage in the couple’s fun sense of humor,  but also in their great sense of fashion & their immense love for each other! This gorgeous duo opted to wear their bridal tux + gown for the photo session knowing that their guests would love seeing these remarkable photos at their wedding.

Photographer: Luca Faz Photographer in Venice // Makeup Artist:Ilaria GianI // Submitted via Two Bright Lights
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