Place Settings + Wedding Receptions

I can't think of a better way to cap off another gorgeous week here at Belle than by introducing you to some stunning place setting inspirations for your wedding day. Place settings are meant for dining, but they can also be an important element of your reception's decor. Given that your guests will be spending a considerable amount of time sitting at the dinner table, I believe is very important that the design of each place setting is awesome. Each piece of a setting can be used as part of an overall design that expresses your wedding's style. As important as it is that your color palette is always reflected on every detail of the event – including the place setting – don't forget that your personality should consistently be thrown in the mix as well. Here are some place settings where creative color schemes and whimsical details add flair to seemingly mundane things like plates and flatware. Choose the one that suits your wedding style, tweak the color combination and make it yours!

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