{Wedding Trends} : Save The Date Video

There's nothing like a sweet love story to start the week with happy and this darling Save-The-Date stop motion video is that and more. My heart started to flutter when I read that this video isn't only the cutest STD idea I've ever seen, but it was also FREE to make. 

It is a fab stop motion film composed by thousands of photos streamed together to form a story. An absolute perfect choice for tech lovers, eco-friendly and budget-conscious couples alike. And, like my Photo Save the Dates roundup, this lovely video is sure to inspire you steal the idea for your own save-the-date or at least it will leave you smiling all week!

From the Bride-to-be, Mindy Underwwod… I’m the writer. Ben, my fiancé, is the creative artist. So when it came to making our Save the Date, we knew we wanted it to be unique. We tossed around a few ideas, but none that really stuck. The idea of a literal “save the date” just hit me one day at work …and I mean, who doesn’t love a good pun? I sent my fiancé an email with a story line about a boy who sees a girl, girl then loses dog, boy saves dog, boy marries girl. But in this case, dog meant date. It seemed impossible to convey that story in just a picture Save the Date, so that’s when this thing really took off and we thought about making a video. 
That’s when my fiancé and his production company, Millennium Productions, came into play and turned my elementary idea into something everyone could relate to and love! My fiancé and I came up with the idea of doing stop motion to add a little character. It was important to us to get a lot of different locations shot in this video, locations that we love in our city. 
We were fortunate enough to have our wedding videographer, Rick Dilly, also film our Save the Date, too! So when it came to producing and editing, Rick really took charge. We filmed throughout the city using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II to get the stop motion “feel” without spending days shooting thousands upon thousands of photos.
Some advice and DIY tips: If others are considering making a video, my advice would be to ask your wedding videographer. Chances are they will include it in your wedding package. If you don’t have a videographer, ask a couple of friends to help film. You can use your own camera or rent an EOS 5D for $30 a day. There are so many inexpensive programs available online to produce quality stop motion videos these days!
This is your day to show your family and friends who you really are as a couple. What better way than to make all of the little details that go into a wedding personable. We don’t want this to be a “store-bought” wedding. We’re only doing this once so we decided to make it as memorable as possible! 

If you are in the hunt for the perfect save-the-date, head to Photo Save-The-Date Ideas to get an extra dose of inspiration.

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