10 Creative Ways to Add Frames to Your Wedding

Who knew simple things like frames could create such a smashing impact on wedding decor? Picture frames – plain or ornate – can be fun, fabulous details for you to infuse into your  big day.  Especially since there are so many different ways incorporate them. They can have a purpose or they can be purely decorative but I am loving all these creative ways of framing up your day! (image source)
1. Seating Displays. I'm loving this modern and this vintage frame displays.

2. Feature your love. Showcase pics of you and your hubby, maybe even your e-session. At the end of the day, you guys are the reason to celebrate. (pic#1, photo#2, pic 3, pic no.4)

3. As props at the photo-booth. (pic#1, photo#2pic 3pic no.4)

4. Fill them up with flowers. (credits: firstsecondthird)

5. Use them as props for your portrait session. (credits: firstsecondthird)

6. Place Card Settings. (credits: firstsecondthird)

7. Photo Booth Wall. If you're aiming for a vintage look I can't think of a better options than picture #1 and 2. A POC (pop of color)on your wall paper will give your frame wall photo booth a modern approach, option no. 3 is a great example. If you want to DIY a photo booth wall like these, head to Ruffled  to get the tutorial.

8. Backdrops. When there is a need of a focal point frames don't disappoint. Hang some frames to create an interesting background for your ceremony or your sweetheart table at the reception. (credits: first, second, third)

9. Table Decor. Hanging frames in top of  your reception tables gives the venue and the decor a multidimensional effect (pic no.1). You may also place frames around the centerpieces to create more texture to the arrangement, just like picture number two

10. Say Something. You need signs to communicate with your guest. From, welcoming messages and menus, to labels on your dessert bar, framed signs are very practical and make great wedding decorations. To make your signs a bit more trendy go with framed chalkboards.

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