{E-Session} : Christie + Chad by Ideology Photography

It seems that all of Ideology Photography’s couples are up for some great fun when it comes to their engagement shoots! Take Christie and Chad, for example ….. They didn’t have one, but two incredibly styled and marvelously themed engagement sessions. Here’s the beautiful first part.
You know I always say that inspiration is all around you! Couldn’t ask for a more perfect example. Chad is from New Orleans and Christie is from El Paso. So they decided to have a New Orleans meets El Paso type of e-session. And they couldn’t pick a better photographer for this challenge. Seriously talented, Jessica Santiesteban from Ideology Photography captured these dazzling images and I have to admit, I’m kind of obsessed. The bride-to-be is so beautiful, the photographs are extraordinary, the location is divine… it’s a pretty perfect package.

Stay tuned because tomorrow I’ll bring you the oh-so-pretty second part of Christie + Chad.

And Jessica, wow, girl!! Can’t wait to see the wedding!!!