{Wedding Trends} : Ribbon Galore- 15 new and classic forms

Ribbon has always been a big (more like a huge) part of weddings. But I start thinking that nowadays ribbon is more popular than ever. With so many traditional forms and the up-coming chic new ways to incorporate ribbon into ceremonies and receptions, I’m totally head over heels smitten with this trend. And I’m sure you’ll be, too. Here are 15 stylish old and new forms to include ribbon into your special day. The best part is that most of them are totally DIY… Let the Wedding Ribbon Galore begin!
Allow me to start showcasing the CLASSIC and TIMELESS WAYS.
1. The Cake: Ribbon is the classiest detail on wedding cakes (credits: white cake, black cake)
2. Wedding Dress Sage: If you are looking to ad a touch of color to your wedding attire, keep a ribbon sage in mind.  Sages have always been the number one option for brides-to-be. (spotted here)
3. Bouquet Tide Up: This one is so classic, I don't event have to explain it. Get inspired with this beautiful black and white bouquet for a modern approach, or for the traditional bride nothing better than a pink bouquet.
4. Chair Sash: The image on the left represents the classic way, while the photo in the right illustrates a more modern chair decor. But, the biggest trend takes ribbons and chairs to a whole new level. Check out number 8 to see what I'm talking about.
5. The Stationary: Nothing says ballroom wedding like stationary accessorized with ribbon. From programs to place-cards, ribbons gives paper a touch of girly glam.
The following are the NO-SO-NEW WAYS to incorporate ribbon. They may not be so traditional, but yet they have being around for a while.
6. The Headbands: I just couldn't put ribbon headbands in the new or the old category. I guess I would define them as modern, yet classic. (bow headband, crystals headband)
7. The Garter. Garters most likely incorporate ribbon. But, this garter made out of ribbon is a very stylish twist to the tradition. (image source)
Now, let's move on to the NEW WAYS to incorporate ribbon into your big day.

8. Chair Decorations: I love this new trend. I can give a whimsical feeling to any reception. (1, 2, 3, 4)
8. Ceremony Backdrops: (mage 1, image 2, image 3)

9. Celling Decor: Decor your reception tent or build a canopy, but invite ribbons to your reception. (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3 and photo 4) For more celling decor ideas click here.

10. Cake and Dessert Buffet Backdrop {image #1, image #2 and image #3}

11. Table Runner (black and white lace ribbons, pastels ribbons, green ribbons)

12. Wands (couple, photo 2, photo 3)

13. Hanging Centerpieces (round table, long table)

14. Chandeliers {spotted here}

15. Reception Wall Decor (musician, tablescape, couple)