{Engagement Inspiration} : Vintage Bikes – Part 1

Happy Monday! If you stopped by Belle last week, you may recall that charming pink bike I posted on Friday. Remember the photos on my Fabulous Friday posts are always clues of things coming up on the following week.
And here we’re already… So today, I’m starting of this week with some inspiration on my favorite accessories for e-sessions, vintage bikes. This fun elements give engagement shoots a colorful, romantic touch and a bit of excitement. The following images are so pretty that probably would get you encouragement to bring a pair of bicycles to your own engagement shoot. But, please remember that, the key-factor when incorporating vintage bikes into e-sessions is the color. In my humble opinion, pastels or bright hues work best!
Photography credits from top to bottom, left to right: Photo 1, Images #2 and #3, Pic No.4, Photo #5, Image No.6, Pics 7 and 8, Photo #9, Image 10, Picture No.11

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