DIY Wedding Cord

A lovely Bride from the Philippines, Eyzel dela Cruz from Project Dream Wedding, submitted this great DIY (do it yourself) Wedding cord… I just love it. It’s a beautiful DIY option for the crafty brides, and has symbolism behind it, which makes it even more exceptional. I love the fact that you can personalize it using your own color scheme and your own wedding theme, rather than buying a Wedding Cord or Lazo from a bridal store that you may find more difficult to find a meaning for. Depending on the quality of beading you use, this DIY Wedding Cord could be a money saver as well. So, get ready to put a lot of love into its construction and you’ll never forget your Wedding Cord!
Materials: 1. Different beads, 2. Trinkets of your choice, 3. Pliers, 4. single ring (thick for better grip) and eye pin (will serve as a chain)
1.   Insert the eye pin in the hole of the bead. Make sure that the pin that you’re going to buy will fit into the holes of your beads.
2. Using the pliers, twist the remaining end of the eye pin in a clockwise direction. Repeat this step until all beads have eye pin.
3. Open one end of the eye pin to insert the single ring or another eye pin to create a chain.
4. Close the eye pin to secure the chain.
5. You should have a chain that looks like the illustration above. Continue these steps until you were able to create at least 50 inches then connect the end of the chain using a trinket or single ring.
6. Create another chain by repeating steps 1-5. Connect the two chains using the single ring and your preferred trinkets.
“The beads I used on each chain are based on our motif. Instead of mixing the colors, I arranged the beads in each chain according to color. This represents that H2B and I are two different people. On the part where the two chains connect, I mixed the colored beads. This symbolizes that H2B and I are one, no matter how different we are” Eyzel
Edited by Jacqueline Garcia