Gorgeous Modern Wedding with Classic Style

Wedding lovers rejoice, today we have some unexpected inspiration that will totally drive your wedding planner goddess within to somersault with joy. Our pal William Innes Photography, has delivered once again and has provided us with beautiful film that proves that wedding heaven is real. All you have to do is think outside the cookie cutter mold and let inspiration take over. If you're an avid reader, you've probably seen our i·dée fixe posts on creative + beautiful wedding ceremony decor. So naturally, we were drawn to this superb wedding ceremony- after all, who could resist the vibrant colors and lush flowers that adorned the aisle. But, the innovative decor didn't end there, it was transformed from a day to night look with lampshades as center pieces. Yes, lamshades! Talk about a bright idea!

Photographer: William Innes Photography // Cinema and Video: Crescent Bay Films // Musicians: de bois entertainment // Floral Designer: Cachet Fiore // Makeup Artist: Make-Up Therapy // Reception Venue: Spencer's Restaurant and the Bougainvill // Submitted via Two Bright Lights