Blush, Tan and Turquoise Beach Radiance Wedding Shoot

We like to think of ourselves as very open minded when it comes to unique, “out of the box”  wedding shoots and every now and then we find ourselves a jewel that inspires us tremendously. Today, we have found ourselves that jewel, courtesy of the insanely talented Robyn Preston Photography. This Beach Radiance shoot has inspired our little hearts so much that we could not wait any longer to show it to you all in hopes you’ll feel exactly the same way! See, only a few of the brave and bold will take the risk of eliminating flowers for a wedding, especially when a bride is highly allergic, but who else than the ingenious Harmony Creative Studio to pull this off?
The fabulous event planners at Harmony Creative Studio pulled it off with stride by incorporating a few of the things women love the most- glitter, gold, and shells to replace an element that is highly expected at weddings… flowers. But, that’s certainly not all the beach glamour folks, the centerpieces are definitely a sight for sore eyes and it never hurts that an inspiration so fabulous is also for the budget conscious!
The centerpieces were simple gold metal rings from JoAnn Fabrics, which were welded into orbs and then strung with different materials such as silk ribbon, pearls, crystals and shells. These slightly geometric “dream catchers” were surrounded by spray-painted shells, jewels & crystals. Chic, simple and cost-effictive. Enjoy!

Photographer: Robyn Preston Photography // Jewelry: Bling Diva Designs // Cake Designer: A Sweet Design // Etsy Designer: Tasteful Tatters // Event Planner: Harmony Creative Studio // Other Location: El Matador Beach