Casual + Ivory Wedding : Mother of all Designers

Mariangela & Mark’s wedding in Tampa, Florida is one that has truly captured our hearts. The ever so sweet nuptials have an interesting and very personal back story that have us wiping away tears of joy. Mariangela, a stunning surgeon, wore a gorgeous wedding gown sewn by her mother, Angela, but not only did she custom make the beautiful bride’s gown inspired by wedding goddess, Vera Wang, she also created Mariangela’s sister’s gown and of course, her own outfit for this ravishing wedding! If Mariangela’s gown was not flattering enough, it converted into a chic cocktail gown for the reception just by simply removing the skirt. The exquisite and hand stitched vintage veil worn by the bride is actually a family heirloom from a very talented woman, Mariangela’s grandmother. The laid back, very Tampa-ish groom from Hungary, and ever so talented carpenter may we add, designed and hand carved the wedding rings out of wood. Photographer, Carrie Wildes,  magnificently captured the deep gapes of love between the bride and groom, as well as their laughter as they enjoyed running barefooted through a wooden bridge.

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