The Best Wedding Receptions and Ceremonies of 2012

As we get into the New Year, we wanted to continue our feature of the Best of 2012. Kicking off this week we have some of our favorite receptions and ceremonies of 2012 — a mix of our personal faves and popular features that made this year beam with creativity. So you must, you just MUST, spend some time poring over these images to fully grasp the prettiness of this post, it will be worth every speechless moment – I promise. In no particular order, here are the best 12 Wedding Ceremonies and 13 wedding receptions of 2012:

From Gorgeous Wedding Ceremony Ideas (source)

From our collection of Round Wedding Ceremonies

From Gorgeous Wedding Ceremonies (Image sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4)

From our feature of Chandeliers and Outdoor Weddings (image sources: 1 | 2)

From Our collection of Mid Blowing Ceremony Decor Ideas (image sources: 1 | 2 | 3)

From Wedding Ceremony Decor – Altars, Canopies, Arbors, Arches and Chuppahs – Part 2 (images source)

From our gallery of Fabulous Drapery Ideas for Weddings (Image Sources: 1 | 2)

 From Fabulous Drapery Ideas For Weddings- Part 2 (image source)

From Long Wedding Table Ideas (image sources: 1 | 2)

From Long Wedding Table Ideas – Part 2 (image sources: 1 | 2)

We LOVE these two from our collection of Wedding Receptions to Die For (image sources: 1 | 2)

From Part 5 of I Heart Long Tables

From our feature of 15 Swoon-Worthy Tent Wedding Ideas (1 | 2 | 3)

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