25 Stunning Wedding Bouquets – Best of 2012

After the sad and tragic events that happened almost two weeks ago in Connecticut I felt like I needed to spent some quality time with my kids – 4 and 6 years old – and just recover emotionally. Then came the holidays – which I did want to make extra special for them – and long story short, I didn't post in two weeks. But, I missed you my lovely readers so much! This little blog is truly my HAPPY PLACE 🙂
That said, let's start the wedding inspiration galore (I can't wait) with a showcase of the best floral confections from my monthly series 25 Stunning Wedding Bouquets. Here you'll find those bouquets that have received more positive feedback on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter in the last twelve months, and some of my personal favorites, too… basically the best of the best of 2012! 

Image from style Unveiled

Image from Style Unveiled

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