The Simplest Way to Collect Your Guests’ Photos: Capturing Your Wedding Memories in a ‘Snap’

Listen up, lovelies.  Because today is one of those days that we most definitely need your full and total attention.  Why, you ask? Well, Wedding Snap is back on Belle the Magazine and this time with awesome new features! If you don't know about Wedding Snap I seriously can.not.wait to introduce you. But if you are familiar with them keep reading to learn more about their new cool features… but you might want to read fast to be able to be one of the first to grab their fleeting discount code!

Yes, I know you found a fabulous wedding photographer. But, lets be honest. Your photographer can’t be everywhere to capture all of the funny candid moments. However, if you go to any wedding these days you'll see all the guests snapping away and capturing all the behind the scenes wedding action (specially from their cellphones). And you got to admit that your besties really know how to snap up those seriously fun and totally amazing moments …um, but what happens to all those unofficial pics? As the bride or groom, you want to see each and every glorious image of your wedding captured by your friends and family too, no?  The only problem?  Gathering up those memories in one easy to use location.  
Well with Wedding Snap you can do just that! You no longer have to check Facebook (and hope you have permission to view everyone’s photos), search for hashtags on Instagram or email your guests months later begging for them to send you their photos. Wedding Snap is an online photo sharing experience that uses IPhone and Android apps to help instantly collect photos in one online album. Every photo that is taken with the app is uploaded instantly to the live album. Yep – INSTANTLY. That means your nearest and dearest who can’t make it to the wedding can still watch your special day in real time, as the events unfold – no matter their location.  And best of all, it’s sooooo simple a 5 year old could use it. 

So, now you’re probably thinking, how does it work? You sign up, create an album code (e.g. Ashley25), and share that album code among your guests with your customized information cards. Your guests will download the FREE and super convenient Wedding Snap app to their iPhones or Androids. All photos your guests take with the app will then be instantly uploaded to your online album. Easy as pie! Even if your guests don’t have smart phones, they can still uploadthe their digital camera photos directly to your online album after the wedding. This way, all your wedding memories are preserved in one place. Seriously cool!

Here are some other great Wedding Snap's features:
  • Unlimited photo storage and uploads for 1 year (never run out of space)
  • Unlimited, multiple albums to capture your wedding story from beginning to end. Create different albums for every event, from your Engagement Party and Bachelorette Party all the way to the Reception and even your Honeymoon.
  • Real-time photo sharing
  • Project the photos live on a screen at the reception with their Live Moderated Slideshow (remotely moderated for 6 hours to make sure it stays “family-friendly”, as per request!)
  • Printing (Select the photos you want and order high quality prints)
  • 250 Customized Information Cards to tell your guests how to use Wedding Snap
  • Fun Photo Filters (Give your photos a rosy hue or vintage look and make your guests look even more amazing in their photos) [*new*]
  • Share Your Photos (On Facebook, via link or even use an embed code to integrate it into your website!) [*new*]
  • Works Anywhere, Offline (Fiji or the Appalachian Mountains, you can snap all your precious wedding memories & have them instantly upload once you receive connection again) [*new*]

While the app itself is free, the service is not. They provide  different packages which range in price from $99 – $149. Click here to learn more about their packages.

As an added bonus: The first 20 readers that use the promotional code “Belle220″ will receive $20 off their package!  How amazing is that?


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