Wedding Table Number Galore – Part 2

“It’s all in the details!” OK, I know, not so original, but sooooo true! The details reflect your passion, your personality and your creativity. Table Numbers are one of those wedding details that allow you to be truly fun and creative without compromising the style of your wedding decor. Sometimes I wish I went more personal and/or original on my own wedding décor by including more elements that reflected our personalities a bit better… like the table numbers. They could say so much more about us! 🙁  So, don’t make the same mistake I made and look for the perfect table numbers for YOUR wedding. Here are some of my favorite ideas… I hope they’re helpful! (image source)
You can go wrong with acrylic. Acrylic table numbers can take  a contemporary wedding decor to the next level or can give a classic table a modern touch. (image source)
Paper table numbers are the most affordable and traditional alternatives. And there is nothing wrong with that! Just make sure that your paper table numbers reflect your style and personality. (image source)
Table numbers in Vintage elements are the latest trend. Think bottles (image source), antique books (image source) and doorknobs (image source), but quite honestly vintage mirrors (image source) are one of my faves… 
Bring up your heritage by incorporating your grandparents photos (image source) or spelling the numbers in your family's language (image source).

These are just other ideas that would enhance your centerpieces and table decor. (image sources: 1 | 2)

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