{Wedding Trends} : Hand-Painted Cakes

I love how intricate, unique and artsy wedding cakes are getting! Gone are the days of the plain cake (woo hoo!). 2012 brought in new wedding trends, including the rise of hand-painted cakes. These sweet confections are true works of art and almost look too good to eat…almost!  As the reception centerpiece, hand-painted cakes are a great way to reflect your theme, the season (spring, fall, etc) or even be made to resemble your invitations and stationary. Below are a few recent faves:

1: Maggie Austin Cakes |  2: Maggie Austin (source) | 3: Charm City Cakes West |  4: (source)
1: Cakes by Dee-sign (source) | 2: Amelie’s House (source) | 3: Maggie Austin | 4: Nadia and Co.
Maggie Austin (source)
 1: Hey There Cupcake (source) | 2: Nadia and Co. (source) | 3: (source) | 4: Sweet and Saucy (source)
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