{Steal Worthy Weddings} : Rustic Glam Barn Wedding

Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, because I have a feeling you are just going to love this beauty of a rustic-meets-glam barn wedding. It’s one of the most spectacular weddings I’ve ever seen…taking the concept of a Barn Wedding to an entirely new level of gorgeous. Well, let’s start the round up of stunning steal-worthy details you may like to borrow for your special day!
The Dress: You have to admit that nothing says glamour like gold details on a wedding dresses! This bride's dress isn't only the perfect balance between classy and sexy, but it screams vintage elegance like nothing I've ever seen before.

The Venue: I know… barn doesn’t sound very sophisticated! But, some pretty chairs, gorgeous linens, elegant centerpieces and accessories; plus some chic touches here and there add a lot of sophistication to a rustic spot.
Candelabras and Candle Holders: There is never too many candles on a wedding. Specially if you want to create a romantic feeling. Make yours this look by incorporating gold candelabras to your wedding decor. You'll create a stylish romantic ambiance with a touch of vintage feel, just like this one. 
Chandeliers: If you want to make a statement from floor to celling incorporating hanging wedding decor like this stunning chandeliers would add a fantastic fairy tale feel and contribute to the lighting mood of the event.
The Sitting: I'm in love with this opulent wedding chairs. They bring a royal air to the event… Don't you think?
The Flowers: To create contrast to the soft color palette, this genius bride used different types of flowers in  a wide variety of dark shades and mixed them with soft pinks and light blues. The final touch… the gold vases to keep a comprehensive look. 

The Draping: To transform the barn into a more refine space, this couple draped the site walls of the room, and left the rustic wood showed in the backdrop, which kept alive the rustic charm of the building. But, what made the draping element even more special was the color of the fabric. That peach shade is just dreamy!
Bridesmaid Dresses and Accessories: Neutrals are so hot this year, especially when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. Neutrals shades give mismatched dresses a more unified look than any other color. Try them all in a short length, like this bridal party did, to give you, the bride, a more distinctive look. 
Birdcage veils are the ultimate vintage accessory. But, if you like to keep your look a bit more classic incorporating birdcage veils to your bridesmaid's attire may just be the perfect way to add a vintage feel to your bridal party . 
Finally, there were two amazing details on the wedding ceremony that catch my eye right away; first, the rustic door in the middle of the outdoor ceremony, and second, the mats and petals that ply the role of an isle runner. Stunning!
Designed by Sonia Hopkins of XOXO Bride | Photography by Braedon Flynn | Via SMP

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