{Wedding Trends} : Peony Bouquets – Part 1

Who doesn’t love peonies? They are so romantic and oh so pretty! In all their fluffiness and colorful array, peonies certainly win the affection of brides as one of the favorites wedding flowers. Lately I’ve been loving all the peony bouquets I’ve been seeing. Check out this beautiful collection I put together just for you! (Image sources- first bouquet | 2: Unknown)

The most outstanding quality of the peony is it's massive size that makes them look so elegant. Peony colors range from white to reds and some yellows with a mix of pinks in between. They can be combined with other flowers for an exotic look or can be simply stand on their own to create a lovely bouquet. (Image sources- left | right | row number 2 )
White Peonies: I love traditional white bridal bouquets and I love peonies. So combining the two and you get this marvelous piece of art. (Image sources- white bouquet | perfect peonies | black and white ribbon bouquet)
Peonies are only available for a short season of time each year and they are such a wedding favorite that brides have been known to plan their entire wedding around the glorious “peony season” – this is true!  (Image sources:  row #1second row leftpink peonies w/ orange tulips bouquetpeonies and succulents vintage bouquet)

 (Image sources: coral peony bouquetrow 2 leftrow 2 rightrow 3 leftrow 3 rightlast vintage bouquet)

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