25 Ways to Something Blue

Looking for your “Something Blue”? Here are 25 ways to find meaningful objects to fulfill this tradition.

The color blue has been connected to Weddings since ancient times. The blue item symbolizes purity and fidelity. Modern brides can get very creative when it comes to “something blue”. There are plenty of contemporary and trendy, as well as traditional items to choose from.
Enjoy the lovelies below and I'd love to know which is your favorite!
Some bouquets are made to complement a wedding theme while others are specifically meant to be a focal point of your attire. So, choose wisely when incorporating your “something blue” into your bridal bouquet.Blue flowers are so different, yet beautiful. Take some advantage of this fact and make a big statement caring a beautiful blue flower bouquet. / I love this cute blue heart tided to the bouquet. It doesn’t alter the bouquet color palette at all. / The holder may just be a great way to accomplish a perfect something blue. (image by Kristin Vining) / Add sparkle with blue flower jewelry. (image via source) / For the vintage bride nothing better than a blue broach bouquet.
For fashion forward brides headpieces are the way to go blue. Who can forget the famous bird headpiece Carrie Bradshaw wore on her wedding day? (Resources: photo#1, photo#2)
Ah, the bridal clutch. Perfect for holding your make-up, gum, emergency kit and cash. And perfect to give something blue to your wedding attire! Go blue outside of the clutch like the first image or inside of it like image number two.
Ready to go totally out of the box? Choose a blue wedding dress. Before the late 19th century, blue was a popular color for Wedding gowns. And it looks like blue wedding gowns are back. (Images’ sources: dress #1, dress#2). Other options include wearing a blue bolero or a dress with a blue sash.

Shoes are the preferred fashion tactic to go blue of the contemporary bride-to-be. From blue shoes, blue bottoms, blue heels and blue insides to blue shoe accessories like broaches and “I do” shimmery stickers; nowadays there’re so many ways for brides to have “something blue” on their feet… My favorite one… the blue sparkly Louboutins

Any of this pretty shades of blue will look great on your wedding day. I personally like how they look all together. Besides, blue nail polish is one of the hottest fashion trends and  its may favorite “something blue”.

Blue jewelry is so pretty! I love the little blue diamond hided on the ring. (Image resource: bracelet, ring, earrings and necklace)

Hide your “something blue” under the dress. (Image 1, Image 2)

Or hided it inside with and custom embroider dress label with the wedding date or just your initials.

A blue detail in the garter it has been the “something blue option” for decades. I love the flower adorned garter, it gives the garter a modern approach. While the classic brides can go wrong with a blue ribbon.