Beach Chic Wedding Decor

I am having a Destination Wedding kind of day. It must be the grip of Spring fever that has us El Pasoans always dreaming of sandy beaches, palm trees, coconuts and aqua colored ocean. Or maybe it’s just that this beach chic wedding décor is out of this world GORGEOUS. Believe me, I’m crazy for details around these parts and there are plenty of fabulous succulents, pretty blues and seashells chandeliers in these images. It’s a destination-wedding extravaganza and you are invited!

Photography: Tim HalbergDesign: Joy de Vivre Wedding Coordination and Nico DesignsFloral Design: Nico DesignsInvitations: Lazaro Designs
Rentals: Classic Party RentalsDrapery construction: LBPS EventsLocation: Santa Barbara Beach ClubVia: MOD Blog