Rules for a Statement-Making Dessert Buffet

One of my favorite “trends” for weddings is the famous dessert/candy buffet. Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of dessert buffets with a style that look more appropriate for a kids birthday party than for a wedding. This kills the whole concept and trend. Look at your dessert buffet as you would see your cake; it should be delicious but at the same time be a decorative part of your event.
Today I encourage using these basic rules and examples to make a statement with your dessert buffet:
1. The first and most important rule is that your dessert bar should follow your theme and color scheme in a creative and tasteful way.
2.The plates or bases must be similar in shade and shape. They could even be decorated to match your wedding theme.
3. Wraps are not allowed. Please get rid of them!!!
4. The cookies, lollipops, macaroons or whatever sweets you choose to include in your buffet should preserve the colors of your wedding and even be decorated to go with your wedding theme.
5. The table cover and the background (if possible) should follow or compliment your theme and color palette as well.
6. To bring your concept alive, decorate your candy buffet to match your wedding and make use of the same elements you utilized with your general decoration. Flowers, feathers, ribbon and broaches are great options.
7. Last but not least, you can utilize petite boxes or bags as packaging so your guests can take home some of the treats. Don’t forget to include some personalization elements to keep the fabulosity.

An extra element to take your dessert table to the next level, you can have each dessert with a sign or tag to identify what is it. For example, “mini coconut cupcakes”. The tags should follow your theme (color, font, and paper). 

Dessert Buffets 1,2, 3 by Amy Atlas . Dessert Buffet 4 by Sweet and Saucy , Photography by Gabriel Ryan.