Ghost Chairs

I have been following this trend, in event decoration for a while, and I love it! The fabulous ghost chair is one the easiest ways to give your traditional wedding decoration a little twist of contemporary style. If you want to give your wedding or quinceañera a touch of couture without looking too modern, just use ghost chairs and leave the rest of the your decoration as traditional as can be. I guarantee you your reception will look elegant, and still keep unique.
If you are a modern bride or quince, looking for a clean contemporary look for the big day, the ghost chair is an excellent option for your decoration as well.
As long as I know, in the El Paso – Las Cruces area, Elite Events carry these Ghost Chairs. Please leave me a comment if you know any other local place that may carry them.
Edited by Jacqueline Garcia
Images via: Taylor Creative, Inc 

Photograby by Bryan Kit F 

Crystal Velon on Glass table and Ghost Chairs, Design and Photo By Bobby Taylor of Taylor Creative, Inc 

You can also find Ghost Chairs in different colors to match your decoration. I found these ones at Pure Contemporary

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